Saturday, May 12, 2007

Old Factory on Henry Street: Lots of Potential

I was walking around Brooklyn Heights last weekend and I passed by 22 Henry (or maybe it was 20?), the what seems like an abandoned residential building/used-to-be Peaks Mason Mints candy factory. The windows are all knocked out but you can see old air conditioners and built-ins in some of the apartments. It seems that there may have been some bad history with this building and forced evictions.

Given the location - especially the proximity to P.S. 8 - and demand to live in the area, I am so surprised that a developer has yet to snatch up this property. I did a few Web searches but couldn't find any public information (perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong places). Plus, who wouldn't want to live a block from Noodle Pudding and Henry's End?

After some different searches on 20 Henry, I found some information on Brooklyn Heights Blog about the failed attempts to refurbish this property into condos, but seems it has been stalled. Based on all the information about 20 Henry, it's likely I read the number on the building incorrectly ... then after reading this notice by the Brooklyn Heights Association it looks like there may be two separate projects on the same property.

If anyone has any info on this property, please leave a comment.

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