Friday, September 08, 2006

Who are you "still in dumbo"?

Someone has an axe to grind and hey that's what blogs are all about - opinion. But this guy "still in dumbo" who has posted several comments to this Curbed post just kills me.

He told me to stop drinking the Kool-aid and that the owners at 70 Washington are egomaniacs. Does this guy/gal even live in the building? Why not move out? I am sure someone else would love to have your apt. And thanks to DumboNYC for having my back.

And I am sick of the talk about rat complaints. It's NYC for crying out loud!!! Maybe you've not had the pleasure of crossing paths with a gigantic dog-sized rat in the East Village or in Murray Hill where I used to live. Oh and in Boston, they run right at you!

We have rats, mice and roaches, along with garbage, homeless people and other fun things. Get over it or get out... at least that's my opinion.

Ok, feeling better now :-)


dumbonyc said...

You shouldn't worry, B/E. The words of one negative complainer shouldn't get to us. The cool thing about Dumbo is that sense of community that most places in Manhattan unfortunately don't have anymore. The bad thing is that you will occassionally get a few grmpy complainers. Either way, I got your back!

Anonymous said...

I agree with dumbonyc forget about the people complaining about NY. We have to have a thinker skin but most people that "flame" you are only looking for attention. However, if someone has a different point of view just block them. You email looks like your primary one. I always use a "junk" email and IM for posting on the net. I don't know if you live at 70 Washington but I also like keeping my ID and personal info safe on the net.
I also love NY and keep sharing your experiences with us. By the way have you tried Toro restaurant yet? The hand made sushi rolls are really good. 1 Front Street. I know one of the owners. I like the place for lunch or dinner.

Marc said...

In response to anonymous, I was in Toro a couple of weeks ago for drinks. Nice place! They are renovating it right now (and might actually be done by now) so I hope to check it out the next time I'm in the area.