Friday, September 01, 2006

Confession: I'm a Bagel Addict

I LOVE bagels. Frankly I can't imagine someone not liking bagels. It would just be strange. I probably couldn't be your friend. Luckily, we have great bagels in Brooklyn. I was worried when we left manhattan cause we had a great place and they delivered. Yes, we're lazy and sometimes didn't feel like walking a block for our bagel.

CitySearch recently announced the top bagel places for 2006. Ess-a-bagel was at the top of the list and it comes highly recommended. Although I have never had one. My new local favorite is La Bagel Delight, at the Front St location.
The guys there are funny and they get your food out fast. Most importantly the bagels are how I like them - crispy on the outside, bubbly on the bottom and smooshy on the inside. They have a good selection of bagels too, all home made in the store. I also hear that the coffee box in dumbo carries H&H bagels.

When I used to live in Boston, it was all about Bagel Rising. It was a great neighborhood one of a kind place, where the line hung out the door on weekends. It was my first stop after a long night of partying.

And when I visit my friend in Hoboken, I love their local bagel joint Bagel Smashery. It's literally one blcok from her house. The fun thing there is that you can get a normal bagel with whatever you like on it and then you can have it smashed. It sounds gross but it's really good. It's not at all like those flat bagels, which I have had too but would rather indulge on the real carb-a-lishious thing.

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