Monday, September 11, 2006

Informal Bagel Test - H&H vs Bagel Delight

On Saturday I decided to go to Retreat for an H&H bagel. I felt really guilty walking by Bagel Delight... I even walked on the other side of the street. While the coffee (or iced latte) at Retreat was really yummy, the bagel didn't stack up. It was too dense and I couldn't get my veggie cream cheese I like so much. Perhaps they are better from an actual H&H location, but I think Bagel Delight reigns supreme.

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dumbonyc said...

The guys at Bagel Delight are always enthusiastic, and although the bagels aren't the greatest, they're pretty good. I think H&H bagels are one of the best in nyc, but the ones at Retreat seem a day old or so...the best is having a bagel at the H&H delis.