Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hello Again

I have decided to a blog focused on my new favorite place, Brooklyn. We moved to DUMBO last May after my weddding. I love it.

It's quiet, clean, has culture and all the essentials - and a starbucks. It's exploding with babies and dogs. Lots of French Bulldogs. The parks are goregous and the restaurants serve great food for much less than you'd find in Manhattan. The people are friendly and I love the architecture, which for the most part has been preserved.

There's nothing like walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on a nice day. It's beautiful and calming, even among the hundreds of people walking, running, biking and taking photos. I also can't wait to do the walk in the snow. It would be equally beautiful I think.

Anyway, this is just my initial post... more to come!

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