Saturday, November 03, 2007

Review: Frankie's 457

Last night, we went with another couple to Frankie's 457 in Carroll Gardens. I had never been to that end of Court Street and anticipate I'll be back soon for more. The cozy atmosphere was a perfect complement to the cooler weather last night. The inside of the restaurant had exposed brick walls and a tin ceiling and wall.

We didn't have a reservation, but had a drink at the bar and it was only a short wait for a table. I would definitely recommend going as a party of four as there are some very small cramped tables of 2 in the front that seem less desirable than the other options.

After about 15-20 minutes, we were led to our table. When the host took us to the back door and outside I was very worried for a second, but we were taken to another structure in the back, which was almost like an old farmhouse inside. Brick walls and contemporary soft lighting filled the room and I felt instantly at home. This area would be fantastic for a small wedding reception, anniversary party or something of the like.

The menu was broken into several sections, including salads, sandwiches and specials (entrees), and a back-side with cheeses and meats. We all decided to get something different so we could taste a bit of everything. We ordered the chef's choice antipasti, roasted spicy eggplant on crostini and then we tried four entrees: squash and yam ravioli, sweet sausage roasted red peppers and onions over polenta, homemade spaghetti over mushrooms and homemade cavetelli with spicy sausage and brown butter.

My husband's pick -- the sweet sausage and polenta -- was the clear favorite and I would order it the next time for sure. All of ours were very good, but his was outstanding. The wine selection was also very good although I can't remember which bottle we shared.

There was ample street parking, but the restaurant is close to the F & G at Carroll Street. The bill for four with a bottle of wine and other drinks was very reasonable.

457 Court St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Phone: (718) 403-0033


Hide said...

Oo, one of my favorite Italian places for the casual atmosphere. Moreso, their meatballs are great and love all their appetizers and cheeses.

cb said...

A brick oven pizza restaurant opened on Court past 9th Street atwo weeks ago. It's not bad - they just got their liquor license. Luna Rossa or something was the name.

Anonymous said...

The food is wonderful but the service is horrible. Waited one hour for food and the waitress got the order wrong the last time I was there. Seems like the kitchen is too small for the new expansion and they need to hire better wait staff.

Anonymous said...

Place is very very good enough said