Thursday, March 29, 2007

Smith Street Dining

Blog 1 Stop Over in Brooklyn offers picks on the "Top 10 Restaurants on Smith St."

I have only been to Chestnut, which was really good for dinner and has lovely outdoor seating. Notably missing from the list is a recc on sushi in the area. Perhaps nothing good?

1. The Grocery (Get the Tasting Menu)
2. Saul (Star in Michelin Guide)
3. Patois (Best Steak – Price Fixe)
4. Chestnut (Great Brunch)
5. Bar Tabac (Best Late Nite)
6. Panino'teca (Best Place to Eat at the Bar)
7. Robin des Bois (Best Atmosphere and Garden)
8. Zaytoons (Best Healthy Meal)
9. Hanco’s (Best Lunch)
10.Pacifico (Best Mexican)

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Jon Cronin said...

For Sushi on Smith it is a little thin. There is Faan that was almost my 10th choice but it is a mixture of all Asian foods -so- the sushi isn't good but not great. There is an all you can eat sushi place on Sackett and Smith that is a great bargain for decent sushi.

Oh I just membered that there is a new Sushi pace called KI that my friend said was very goo - so this could be the spot to check out. It is called KI and it is at Pacific and Smith.