Thursday, March 08, 2007

The origin of Brooklyn Beckham's name

Victoria Beckman tries to say something smart ...

She wrote in her autobiography, Learning to Fly,

It was when we were in Marbella that we came up with the name Brooklyn. We already knew he was a boy and so I knew he could end up a footballer, so it had to be a name that was a bit blokey. I had always liked the name Brooke and then we suddenly thought about Brooklyn. I'd always like it as a place - it's very multi-cultural, very grounded. And it was only afterwards that I realized how appropriate it was because it was in New York that I found out I was pregnant and where David came after the World Cup.

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Anonymous said...

Ali G had a field day with the name when he had them on for a charity event:

Victoria Beckham: Brooklyn.

Ali G: All right and how did you come up with that name?

Victoria Beckham: Well we found out that I was pregnant when I was on tour in America and we was in Brooklyn when we found out.

Ali G: So had you actually done it there?

Victoria Beckham: No we didn't do it there.

Ali G: Ah, for real.

Victoria Beckham: We did it in Denmark if you really want to know.

Ali G: How come you never called him Denmark? That would be a well good idea though what. If me and my Julie had a kid we would call him Langley village. Well his full name would be the bogs in the KFC in Langley village. So tell me does Brooklyn like your music or is he getting a bit old for it now?