Sunday, October 15, 2006

The DUMBO Arts Festival

My husband and I really enjoyed the art festival yesterday. The weather was perfect and we had a picnic in the park before going to the galleries. I was especially blown away by the Katrina exhibit and the hip hop exhibit. I took some pics so you all can see what it looked like, although these photos don't really do it justice.

Also, there was an awesome band on Washington Street that camped out until pretty late. I was also totally feeling the two man group in the loading doc on Main street. I really want a CD but I couldn't figure out what the name of the band was called. The flyer said one thing and then the singer announced they were called Project something. If anyone knows, drop me a comment.

Then there were also these pink ladies...we saw them for the first time on Friday night at Superfine around 10ish. There was also a marching band too. Guessing it was supposed to be street mob type buzz tactic to get people excited about the festival, but I have no idea really. Again, if anyone knows if they were associated with something, let me know.


Anonymous said...

The pink ladies are from "Theater Ouf". They're a comedy/art group based in dumbo. They hosted a comedy cruise on the water taxi this weekend for the festival. I took a ride... very funny.

arnheim Lieber said...

the two piece band:
projectjenny, projectjan