Thursday, October 19, 2006

Chinese in the hood

The first time I ordered from Fortune House I wasn't impressed, but we decided to give it another try. I guess it's hard to like mediocre Chinese food when you're used to ordering from Pig Heaven on the Upper East Side. We used to pay extra to have the guy come from 81st down to 34th street. Kinda crazy, but we figured it was less than a round-trip cab ride and the tip was less.

Anyway, back to Fortune House. It's actually pretty good, especially classics like fried rice, moo shu, dumplings, etc. I just recently tried the Chicken Hunan and it's awesome. They send free soda and free sesame noodles when your order totals a certain amount. They are also super fast. Definitely try it!

Fortune House
82 Henry St, Brooklyn 11201
Between Pineapple & Orange St
Phone: 718-855-7055

1 comment:

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