Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Give Chalky Hearts When You Can Give Chocolate?

I was searching the Web for Valentine's Day stories and found myself laughing at this point-of-view on Conversation Hearts because it's SO TRUE!

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Conversation hearts taste like crap: Much like the Marshmallow Peep at Easter, these little heart-shaped candies have developed a kitschy following -- mostly because of the little sayings stenciled on the front. (Too Cute! Love ya!) And also like the Peep, nobody actually wants to eat them. The yellow one has the faint taste of banana, but the orange, blue and white ones all taste exactly the same -- like little hunks of sugary chalk, with a hint of pineapple.

I picked up some chocolate treats from Jacques Torres last night and they were so beautiful. Some nice boxed truffles for my husband and these red colored, white chocolate pops in the shape of lips and the word Love for my girlfriends at work.

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